Kelly Doyle

Job Title: Customer Supply Manager

Tell us about your role as EEC champion – what encouraged you to join the committee, and what do you think the best initiatives have been?

Being in the business for some time and being quite a sociable person I have good cross functional relationships and our Crew feel comfortable speaking to me about improvements they would like to see in the office, so I thought that I could support in making changes for colleagues

What is the culture like at John West?

We have a great culture here at John West, the best thing is the sense of caring nature and support, we are all close like a second family, and I’ve made some friends for life

What have been your highlights working at John West?

Seeing the business develop and grow across the years gives you a sense of pride in having a part to play in that growth

Tell us about some of the big changes you have seen during your time at John West

I have been here through times of huge change, from being sold by Heinz to Lehman brothers through to being bought by Thai Union. I think the biggest change of all has been the system change to SAP