John Tomlinson

Job Title: Supply Chain Director

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The seafood industry is continually changing either through weather, the seasons, consumer tastes, all this means that every year the job is different with new challenges.

What is special about John West?

John West is a 160 year old brand that everyone knows, therefore when anybody asks me who I work for they can quickly identify with me.

What have been your highlights during your time at JW so far?

Probably the first few weeks after I started (a long time ago) when everybody was not only very friendly but very interested in me as a person. Very quickly I felt like one of the team. Since then I have had many opportunities to travel around the world to experience and understand different countries and cultures which can be both humbling and incredible.

Would you recommend John West & Thai Union as a good place to work?

Yes, as part of Thai Union we have the benefits of working in a small, friendly office but at the same time we are part of a huge global business.

Please describe John West & Thai Union commitment to Health Safety & Wellbeing.

Nobody sets off for work in the morning expecting to get hurt or injured, that is why Health Safety and Wellbeing is our number one priority. I really like the fact that we don’t just pay lip service to this idea, every meeting in John West begins with us all sharing our individual thoughts and experiences about safety and wellbeing either in the workplace or at home.